Wolfenstein - TNO --- Fatal Crash Intercept on Disc 3 (Cut Scene at End of Chapter 4)

Heatshiver Jul 21, 2014

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    I have everything installed and on an external HDD. I used the actual Disc 1 to copy the initial content, and use Disc 2-4 from my external HDD to play. I start it from FSD.

    I am near the end of chapter 4 (where you begin to use Disc 3), but I am getting an error during the cut scene:
    1. I resume the game and it tells me it will need Disc 3.
    2. It then immediately does the switching and starts the cut scene.
    3. As soon as the Nazi soldier sees them stealing the car the game goes to a black screen, then back to the main menu.
    4. I resume the game again and it again fails at the same point in the cut scene, however, it gives the message, "Fatal Crash Intercepted".
    5. The Xbox 360 then freezes and I have to manually power it down.
    I remember that one time I actually got the message that indicates you are out of system memory, but only once.

    Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone know how to get around it? I have tried skipping the cut scene, but it never lets me in time. I have tried placing the actual Disc 3 in the tray and settings FSD game paths to use it, but it never reads it...

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