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[​IMG] Everyone suspected that a Crash Bandicoot revival might be in the works, but when the N. Sane Trilogy was announced at this past E3, people weren’t sure what to make of it. Were the old games...​
[​IMG] While it has been rumored for a while now, today we got official confirmation that The Last of Us is getting a sequel that follows an older Ellie and Joel. (EDIT 5:30 PM: During a panel discussion later in the day,...​
Ubisoft confirmed earlier this month that its 5-v-5 basement crawler-come-shooter Rainbow Six Siege will be getting a...​
Maybe we're all the zombies. Makes you think. Dead Rising is an ultra-violent videogame series about slaying hordes of zombies with ridiculous weapons. It's breezy and stupid, and sometimes (heck, most of the time), it's good when...​
"No further action required."
In September, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)...​
Publisher's three incoming games to feature on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PS VR.
View: https://youtu.be/CaFA9cCaLHs In August, Ubisoft announced all three of its proposed VR games—Eagle Flight,...​
A multiplayer trial begins on November 30 for Origin Access members, and a couple days later for everyone else. View: https://youtu.be/I_6hViuy3kc Electronic Arts is hosting a free, all-you-can-kill multiplayer trial...​