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The Xbox One dashboard was built with Kinect in mind, from the overall user interface to the basic fundamentals that assign system resources accordingly. Microsoft has slowly been walking back some of those decisions with improvements focused on quick access to features with the controller, but there are still...
What is going on XPG?! Drunk Caesar here reporting with the "Next Week on Xbox"! Every week new content is put out to you, the gamers, in a way to improve your overall gaming experience on the best gaming console on the market:...
Switch is no longer a mystery. Here’s the goss on Nintendo’s new hardware. Nintendo still did not discuss Switch‘s innards...​
Nintendo has said it will release its long-awaited new console, the Nintendo Switch, on 3 March. It will cost $299.99 in the US and 29,980 yen ($260) in Japan, more than most analysts had been expecting. UPDATE: Nintendo has...​
Hacking scene member xmax katsu published a couple of pictures claiming he has a PS4 Hardware hack that works on the PS4’s latest firmware 4.07. Although he gave few details, the hack allegedly allows to bypass Serial number checks on the Flash...​
Hackers have managed to add extra NES games to Nintendo's NES Classic Edition microconsole. The legally dubious method involves uploading your console's memory to a PC, adding in the extra ROM files, then...​
Sony has announced the Glacier White PlayStation 4 model, which will go on sale in the UK within weeks - on 24th January. The console is the slimmer PS4 variant introduced last year and comes with a 500GB hard...​
A Microsoft representative provided the following statement to IGN: “After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for Scalebound. We’re working hard to deliver an...​
NVIDIA has officially announced New SHIELD Android TV Console at CES 2017. It brings support for 4K HDR content directly from Amazon, Netflix and Google Assistant. The new SHIELD also comes with upgraded SHIELD Controller for...​
Days after GOG publicly said cheerio to Codemasters' Grid, F1 2013, Dirt 3, and oh yes Grid have also disappeared from the Steam Store. If you already own them on there, there's no need...​
View: https://youtu.be/SX-yEgpxpHQ This latest trailer shows off a number of games planned for release on the PS4 sometime in 2017, including...​
A New Year and a new set of games coming to PlayStation Plus members! This month we have the excellent Day of the Tentacle Remastered and This War of Mine: The Little Ones. View: https://youtu.be/Yj0OVBhiu9g First up, we have the zany Day...​
An Australian court has ruled that Valve must pay a whopping $AU3 million ($2.15 million US) fine following the loss of its legal battle against the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission earlier this year. The fine is the maximum requested...