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Iamcoolz Aug 7, 2014

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    Hello! Just another tutorial topic for those newer users. This is sort of an add-on onto what XPGPaddy has already said, but this will cover multiple OS's. I have tested on all, OS's and so on.

    Windows 7 and Windows 8:

    So, it seems 360Rev seems to load up almost perfectly on a fresh formatted Windows OS, the only tools you will need for the program to open would be .Net Framework, and in-case you're wondering what this is, to dumb it down, it is basically the life support for 360Rev, 360Rev depends on it, which means.. you need it. To find out if you have it or need it you can look at this topic here -

    .Net Framework Downloader

    So after you have got that installed, it is pretty easy and straight forward, however, sometimes with some copies of Windows 8, I experienced some rather silly issues, and in which all I did was right click the file and run it in compatibility mode and run it with UAC. (User Account Controls).

    Also, if you're running an anti-virus for some reason, anti-viruses like to throw all types of errors and bugs on the screen, or at-least Norton did for me. Simply, when you go to mod your files, turn off your anti-virus and load 360Rev do your modding, and your anti-virus back on.. one anti-virus that really didn't give me any issues what so ever was Microsofts Security Essentials.To be completely fair, I am not one to use a lot of Microsoft products, but Security Essentials is one hell of a program and consumes far less RAM then the normal anti-virus.

    If you continue to have problems, whatever it may be you can always check out -

    Common 360Revolution Problems

    This will assist, if you don't see your problem listed, don't panic. Every computer set-up is different and it is extremely hard as a developer to make the program work on every single PC. Be patient, make a topic, and fill out this form.

    Linux and Mac:

    You guys just gotta be tricky. By default, Linux and Mac won't open up a lot of Win32 executable files. But thank the lord for the people who put out apps for those who don't have a windows PC, but allows them to open up Windows executable's.

    So for Linux, by default, your file won't open and hell it is a mess to even get the USB drive to work like it should with the program, but when I installed Ubuntu, the most recent version 14.04. It only required me to download WINE. Wine is a program that basically alllows Linux users and open software users to be able to open up the pesky win32 files that you wouldn't be able to open without.

    So for Mac, Mac has a program that is called "Crossover" which essentially does the same thing WINE does, just it costs and it gives you a GUI to work with. If you're curious of how to install this program and are looking at purchasing it. You can go to -


    and then watch this YouTube video over it:


    So whichever your OS may be, here is some tips to help you get your PC on the right track. Also, always use Google and the Search function here on the forum to see if your problem has already been answered.


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