The Evil Within finished saves UPDATE 2 04/06/2016

The Evil Within finished saves UPDATE 2

  1. xboxboxer
    Finished game on normal. New game+ unlocked gives you machine gun and rocket launcher with new guns to be found during game. Also includes ch14 and 15 saves at start and ch15 final save.<br />
    New game + must be played on same difficulty (normal). Hard and very hard unlocked under New Game.<br />
    Didn't check for achievements. Trainer was used.<br />
    ________________________________________<br />
    EDIT<br />
    Every nook and cranny achievement added<br />
    <br />
    Load save CH14 11:37 go behind the counter look on the floor for newspaper.<br />
    Complete the chapter to keep newspaper.<br />
    Also has Advanced sniper rifle and burst pistol.<br />
    <br />
    I have the fighting chance dlc you may or may not need that for the save to work.<br />
    ________________________________________<br />
    EDIT 2<br />
    Beat hard has brass knuckles (1 punch kill)<br />
    then go to level 2 save area get missing person poster for nook and cranny achievement.<br />
    Go in the back room look at map for advanced sniper and burst pistol<br />
    also unlock the lockers should be another achievement possibly.