The Darkness Save Set 04/06/2016

The Darkness Save Set

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    This is my first time trying this. The save is for the completionist achievement in the The Darkness. As a heads up there are 3 other collectible achievements which require you to put numbers into the pay phone. A google search for those is all you would need but definitely do those first so this looks legit. You should also have any achievements for finishing chapter 4 also as i believe that's where I got the last of these from.<br />
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    Ok so granted this save works and im not sure if it will. But it should. I have everything collected and you load it up and spawn in chinatown walk straight down the sidewalk and up to the post office mail box on the right. Press A to mail letters and it should pop. The reason i posted this is because theres a 1000g saveset for this game and i didnt see this achievement anywhere in the read me file for that game.<br />
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    if you check achievements in the pause menu im pretty close on another achievement or two. those are for consuming 300 ppl (load chapter 5 because it saves how many you had at each chapter you start and sets you back to that.) and the one for getting a bunch of kills with each skill. I am over 50% with demon arm (hold RB when close to an enemy and it will stab through them) and also the darkness guns im 80%ish of the way through that. (those have to be finished in parts of the game where the abilities have been given to you.)<br />
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    Cool, so yeah i extracted and hit the IDs to anonomys with 360rev so set your ID's rehash and resign. should be good. If i did alright let me know and ill try to share more that i see we dont have here.<br />
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    Also I hit US for region because my game is a games on demand with any title updates that may have been done not sure if that matters. Hope this works i've never compressed files or anything so if there's a better way i could be doing this in the future let me know i want to help when i can.

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