Resonance of Fate great save!!!! NTSC 04/06/2016

Resonance of Fate great save!!!! NTSC

  1. cl
    Hi guys. <br />
    It's a fantastic game save for you to play a new game plus in Ressonance of Fate.It is a very difficult game. It took me a long time (120 hours), then do not forget to thank me, right.<br />
    Well, lets' go!!<br />
    <br />
    Zephyr level 108 handgun lv 22 submachine gun lv 71 and grenade lv 15<br />
    Vashyron level 105 handgun lv 67 submachine gun lv 24 and grenade lv 14<br />
    Leanne level 90 handgun lv 35 submachine gun lv 29 and grenade lv 26<br />
    That´s' it.<br />
    <br />
    Enjoy and don't forget do rehash and resigner.<br />