NINJA GAIDEN 3 TRIALS very easy 230G 04/06/2016

NINJA GAIDEN 3 TRIALS very easy 230G

  1. darthyoda
    Tested on another profile works 100%.<br />
    Replace your SAVE_SYS_DATA with this one, start one trial for each difficulties, FAIL the trial and choose NOT to retry.Very simple. this save unlocks:<br />
    INITIATE (cleared 10 acolyte trials) 10G<br />
    LONE NINJA (cleared 10 solo ninja trials) 50G<br />
    VETERAN (cleared 10 mentor trials) 10G<br />
    PRESTIGE (cleared 5 leader trials) 10G<br />
    OVERLORD (cleared 5 master ninja trials) 50G<br />
    ULTIMATE NINJA (cleared 3 ultimate ninja trials) 100G<br />
    <br />
    Ninja is level 45 so you can work your way to level 50.BYE.