Ninenty-nine nights 2 04/06/2016

Ninenty-nine nights 2

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    i search everywere and i didn;t find any saves for the Ninenty-nine nights 2 pal version so i decided to play the game from my own and post same saves for you.....<br />
    so theese are from my first playthrough with gallen on easy i am in the second character Sephia so i will post the saves when i finish with her....i.m not sure what achievement can be unlocked....this is my first upload....there are instructions so enjoy the the stage colynei canyon you must come again with galen after you complete the same stage with zazi to take the rest twilight westlands i forget to take the last you can play again theese two missions to take the accessories.....sorry for my bad english i'm from greece....<br />
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