Left 4 Dead Mods 1000G 04/06/2016

Left 4 Dead Mods 1000G

  1. xTG_IrOnZzZ
    LB=Stop AI (SinglePlayer)<br />
    Rb=Start Ai (SinglePlayer)<br />
    L Stick (click it)= Infinte Ammo (SinglePlayer)<br />
    R Stick ^same^= Set the ground on fire,not everywhere<br />
    Up D-pad= Flashlight<br />
    Right D-pad= Gives First Aid<br />
    Down D-pad= God Mode (Singleplayer)<br />
    Back Buttom (B!!)= Fly<br />
    Also Press B when starting game......on campaign<br />
    To Unlock all achievements<br />
    and delete ur cache<br />
    play offline