Killer is Dead Completed with AAA Rank and All Difficulties 04/06/2016

Killer is Dead Completed with AAA Rank and All Difficulties

  1. RenownedZ3r0
    This is my own personal Killer is Dead save file that contains the following:<br />
    <br />
    Maximum Health Lvl<br />
    Maximum Blood Lvl<br />
    Found All Scarlett Challenges<br />
    44 Missions with AAA Rank<br />
    Game has been completed on Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard<br />
    Ulti-Mondo Costume<br />
    <br />
    If you have the Smooth Operator Pack installed, the DLC that comes with every Limited Edition of the game, I have also done the Betty Gigolo Mission AAA Rank.<br />
    <br />
    I have 1000Ged the game already and I'm uploaded this save file for all of you to enjoy.<br />
    <br />
    You will unlock the following achievements with this save file to the best of my knowledge:<br />
    <br />
    Office's Affairs - Cleared 3 side missions.<br />
    Scarlett Chaser - Unlocked 6 challenge missions.<br />
    Gigolo Begins - Cleared 6 challenge missions.<br />
    Perfect Job - Cleared all missions(Story Mode).<br />
    Killer at the Gate of Dawn - Complete all episodes on Normal Mode.<br />
    Office Workers - Cleared 6 side missions.<br />
    Right-Hand Man - Increased all Attack and Special skills.<br />
    Scarlett Stalker - Unlocked 12 challenge missions.<br />
    Gigolo Side Story - Cleared 12 challenge missions.<br />
    Passport to Infinity - Changed costume to Ulti-Mondo.<br />
    The Criminal is Dead - Ranked AAA executioner on 12 missions.<br />
    Assassins Never Say Die - Cleared all sub-missions.<br />
    The Maniac is Dead - Ranked AAA executioner on 24 missions.<br />
    Left-Hand Man - Increased all sub-weapons to maximum upgrade level.<br />
    Obscured by the Moonlight - Cleared all episodes on Hard Mode.<br />
    Sexy Man Whose Blood is Dripping - Increased BLOOD to maximum upgrade level.<br />
    Ultimate Physical Beauty - Increased HEALTH to maximum upgrade level.<br />
    Scarlett-Approved Stalker - Unlocked all challenge missions.<br />
    Gigolo Mastership - Cleared all challenge missions.<br />
    The Mass Murderer is Dead- Ranked AAA executioner on 44 missions.<br />
    Darksider of the Moon - Cleared all episodes on Very Hard Mode.<br />
    <br />
    As always, don't forget to rehash and resign and like this save file if it helped you out! :)<br />
    Thank you very much!