DJ HERO_Legendary Status_80G 04/06/2016

DJ HERO_Legendary Status_80G

  1. NATAS
    this save will unlock Legendary Status 80g-Earn 5 stars in every mix on hard difficulty or above.<br />
    <br />
    unfortunately I was only missing 2 achievements when I used this so I cant tell you what else it will unlock but I can guarantee that if you don't have alot of achievements it will unlock more so don't go using this save right off the bat otherwise you will have some achievements out of order. its probably a good I dead to beat the game on easy or normal first<br />
    <br />
    save was made by "THR33 11" at 360iso. I give full credit to him because I am not good enough at Dj Hero to do it myself. now all we need is someone good enough to 5 star all songs on expert. I will not hold my breath waiting for that.