D3save-Deadly3-monks-Nlow 04/06/2016


  1. nlow
    So this was just for fun there is 3 monks 2 female and 1 male.Byalla is a tear 14 monk I made her states on gear ligit and then made the gear legondary,pluss you can dye it to your liking shes got fire skills,modded weapons.Silentoath,is just sexy,with light gear and modded Shenlongs fist.Nlow-Monk is a male hes runs nakid with 2 ring a amulet boots and 2 weapons,i made all fist weapons light modded I added the Odyn Son and the Won Khim Lau,Cornbeast requested ligit ones,sorry I did not have all the master codes to do so,so fun stuff,check it out....Nlow.....