Bastion - Calamity Kid & Misc. Achievement 04/06/2016

Bastion - Calamity Kid & Misc. Achievement

  1. nameshadow
    Pop on Load<br />
    The Stranger (10G)<br />
    Kid-at-Arms- (10G)<br />
    The Ura (20G)<br />
    Vigilante (10G)<br />
    <br />
    The Singer (20G)<br />
    Speak to ZIA, she is located to the right next to the Distillery<br />
    <br />
    Calamity Kid (30G), The Beginning (20G) or The End (20G)<br />
    Go to the Skyway, Select The Tazal Terminals, You have to play the entire level and beat it once you do you get to make a choice, depending on your choice you’ll get either The Beginning or The End, you’ll always get Calamity Kid, which is for beating the game on New Game +