A HARDCORE start - bandit Theanna 04/06/2016

A HARDCORE start - bandit Theanna

  1. lavaguy96
    You start from the very bottom and have to climb up, this time as an outlaw! In others eyes, you are nothing more then a sewer rat, a bandit of society and be sure that many will attack you on sight! The main quest is disabled. Your map is completely empty. You know nothing about the Helgen dragon incident. You know nothing about your dragonborn heritage.<br />
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    x You are a bandit, and a friend of all bandits of Skyrim<br />
    x Main quest disabled, no dragons either, all other quest available<br />
    x You start at the BILEGULCH bandit camp<br />
    x You've raised a TENT and spread your SLEEPING BAG, and have your personal non-respawning chest (see the gallery)<br />
    x There are two camp FIREs for cold nights and for hanging around with other bandits<br />
    x In camp you will find almost anything you need - an anvil, a furnace, grindstone, alchemy table, workbench... but, there is NO merchant (until CK comes out)<br />
    x Some neutral NPC's won't attack you - All the guards in 3 provinces (Whiterun, The Reach and Falkreath Hold) will try to take you in or kill you if you disobey<br />
    x CARRY WEIGHT is now only 120 for Theanna (vanilla 300), that is equal to aprox. 55kg - no more carrying 20 2-handed weapons and heavy armors<br />
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    STORYLINE<br />
    You are a survivor.<br />
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    Who could've thought that a veteran bandit leader might have some mercy left in him for common people, but the truth is that with that very rare kind deed, the leader of the Bilegulch camp saved your life. Laying in the mud with a bleeding opened wound bellow your left eye and a blunt trauma to your head, he found you laying surrounded by two bodies of dead imperial soldier, obviously killed by the sword that was still strongly held in your pale hand. He would usually simply walk away and leave you to die, but not this time. He couldn't. The hatred he had within him towards the imperial scum, as he would say, overwhelmed him with respect towards that hardly wounded girl, that fighter and survivor that laid under him. He embraced your almost lifeless body in his arms, and took you back to the safety of his camp. For two weeks, one of the bandits, a female alchemist treated you with herbs, and you finally woke up. The blunt trauma to your head took its tool; you remember nothing of your past. Not even your name, so you were named Theanna, a little goddess, for your bravery and stoneskin to survive your last battle. You are one of the family now. The road is harsh, your lifestyle is dangerous - you are a bandit now, as it was written in your destiny!