Raps 4 Staff as of 3/7/15 - NEW ALBUM!

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His name is Bullet, he rocks a mullet, and when he grew a beard, everybody cheered.


ADDZ drives an adder, because he is badder, badder to the bone, while he sits on his throne.


Rocky loves sons of anarchy, so I call him sparky, he has no humanity or sanity.

Rocky is so low-key, they call him Loki, he went to war with Thor and slammed him through the floor.


In Destiny, losparo rides a sparrow because it his destiny, to be the best he can be.


FreddyZVoorhees lost his car keys after eating at Arby's now he can no longer sneeze (idk why :LOL: )


Starz drives fancy cars down the boulevard, yeah, he's ballin' hard, he's no tard.


Nasyr sends fear without even drinking beer and that's all I can overhear.


Pat is fat because he likes to tap da booty he's not fruity, he has no cooties.


Feral kills the flow when he does a backwards barrel roll but doesn't fall in the hole.


Sensi gets money, hey! Ballin hard when it's his pay day, like a farmer's hay day.
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