Youtube Now Supports 60FPS Videos, Fan donations and more...

Bullet Jun 27, 2014

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    Gamers you are going to love Youtube's latest update which now supports 60FPS videos.
    In order to notice any difference you will need a decent internet connection and use the HTML 5 option then switch to 1080p on a proper 60FPS upload such as the one EA uploaded of Battlefield: Hardline and you should see a big difference.
    Before this update videos were capped at 30fps which was particularly bad news for us gamers with most gameplay at 60FPS there was a big loss of quality. As well as the frame rate increase there are several other long awaited features coming to Youtube.

    Creator Credits: Will allow you to collaborate on videos and give the relevant credits to all those that helped in the creation of your video or credit sources.

    Fan Funding: This option will allow fans to 'Donate' to you for all your hard work! You will need to sign up to allow fan funding on your channel here.

    Sound Effects: Ever been stuck trying to find the right sound effect for free for your videos? Not anymore because Youtube are adding a whopping 7,500+ royalty-free SFX which you can browse here.

    Along with updates to things like Annotations, playlists and creator tools, this is set to be one heck of an update to Youtube.

    Check out the video EA uploaded of Battlefield Hardline and see if you can notice a difference in intensity, and lets us know what you think below.

    Watch The Video
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