Youtube Copyright Clampdown Starts

Bullet Dec 11, 2013

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    Youtube have already stated that they will be changing the way that partnered videos will be handled, which would affect a lot of Youtubers, especially those that run gaming channels. Youtube are clamping down on those that monetize their channels via a Youtube partner, When you join up with a network the checks get bypassed and you can earn money right away, however in 2014 all that will change and even partnered videos will be checked meaning you play by the same rules as everybody else meaning that videos will be randomly checked which can take between 2 and 48 hours.

    All that asides Youtube have now struck out by issuing copyright claims to large Youtube channels for having music in their gaming videos. Reports from those hit so far are saying that Content ID has flagged anything from as few to hundreds of their videos. These copyright claims seem to be coming from suspicious third-party sources who in some cases don’t appear to be the owners of the questionable content.

    If you believe you received you are the victim of Content ID abuse, then you can and should indeed appeal it.
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