XPG Easy Updater v0.3 r2(2.0.17150.0 Incl Dashlaunch v3.14) Update your Jtag/RGH in 1-2 Minutes!

FeralA9X Jan 18, 2015

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    XPG Easy Updater v0.3 r2(2.0.17150.0 Incl Dashlaunch v3.14)

    This is not a standalone GUI, it uses xebuild to patch and update your console. All the options available in this GUI can be done via command line, this was made to be very user friendly and easy to understand.

    There are two versions included in this release.
    v0.3 lite: A basic updater, no options besides Forced IP.


    v0.3 r2: Has almost all options from the xeBuild update and client modes.


    Download Below:

    Virus Scan:

    Thanks to the xeBuild team for giving us this great easy way to update your console and for updserv, JPizzle @ RMS for the original tutorial and begallegal for the XPG tutorial and original .bat idea ;) Huge thanks also to the Dashlaunch team.

    You must be running updsvr_standalone_v1 on your console for this GUI and xebuild to connect and perform maintenance on your console.

    Setting up updsvr

    1. Extract the updsvr_standalone_v1.zip to a folder and transfer the default.xex to the root of a usb drive.

    2. Plug the usb drive into your console and power it up. You should now see updsvr on your console.


    If you are experiencing connectivity issues with updsvr standalone v1 please try running the built in updserv from within Dashlaunch or at last option try updsvr standalone v3.

    Easy Update

    1. Open the XPGUpdater.exe and click the Update Now! button.
    Yes it is really that simple to update your console.

    Once the console powers down after flashing remove the usb drive and it will now load into your dashboard set within your launch.ini

    If you have any issues connecting to your console try using the Force IP option.

    Advanced options

    To perform these advanced options you will also need updsvr_standalone_v1 running on your console, simply switch to the advanced options tab and choose your settings.


    Check the appropriate options for your build and then navigate back to the Easy Updater page and click the Update Now! button.

    nofcrt - removes fcrt.bin requirement on some drives
    nohdd - disables detection of internal SATA HDD
    nohdmiwait - HDMI consoles will no longer wait or EXX screen when video is not ready
    nolan - disables wired LAN to prevent E75/76/77 on machines with a damaged PHY
    nointmu - disables jasper NANDmu, trinity 4G internal USB and corona 4G MMC memory units

    There is a Refresh button in the radial menu to clear all options and output window etc, simply click the home button.

    Custom Update

    This is used if you would like to flash a different kernel to your console.
    Simply extract the $SystemUpdate.zip (for the specific kernel) into the matching folder, You
    should now have a $systemUpdate folder and a bin folder in there.

    Enter the kernel version (eg. 16767) into the "Custom" text box and tick the "Custom" checkbox
    above it. (This Must be done in this order for it to be successful.)

    Navigate back to the Easy Update tab and click "Update Now!".

    You should now be on your custom kernel instead of the inbuilt 17150 kernal.

    Flashing Avatar data
    Simply navigate to the advanced options tab again and click the Flash Avatar Data! button, this will ignore any other options selected and flash the 17150 avatar data directly to your console.

    Flashing Compatibility data
    Navigate to the advanced options tab and click the Flash Xbox Compatibility button, this will
    ignore all other options selected and flash the xbox compatibility data directly to your console.

    Update HV Patches
    This option is specifically for updating from older kernels where the HV patches are to old to use the update feature from within xeBuild.
    More specifically if you get this error "*****ERROR: console hv patches are not recent enough to support update mode! update console patches and reboot before trying again."

    Navigate back to the advanced options tab and click the "Update HV Patches" button, after updating the patches you should now be able to use the app to update your console.

    Backup your nand to PC

    Click the "Backup Nand to PC" button from the advanced settings tab and it will backup a copy directly to the XPG Easy Updater folder.

    Write Nand to Console

    Place your updated nand into the XPG Easy Updater folder and rename it to nandflash.bin, click "Write Nand to Console" button to flash your image over ethernet or wifi.

    Reboot and Shut down

    Exactly as it states, click one of these to either reboot or shut down your console directly from your PC.

    Included Files

    - xeBuild 1.12
    - Dashlaunch v3.14
    - updsvr_standalone_v1
    - 2.0.17150.0 System update files and patches


    Any questions please ask in this topic.

    GUI was built and coded by GoldZ & FeralA9X.
    GFX by FeralA9X.
    Tested by XPG Star.


    v0.3 r2
    - added option to flash xbox compatibility data
    - added all patches from official kernel releases 7371, 9199, 12611, 12625, 13146, 13599, 13604,
    14699, 14717, 14719, 15574, 16197, 16202, 16203, 16537, 16547, 16747, 16756, 16767,
    17148, 17150.

    If you have any issues and need to update manually, Please check out XPG Star's thread here:


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