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    Notice: XePatch is NOT related to Call of Duty.

    XePatch is a complete patch editor that will let you edit compiled patches and compile new ones with ease. XePatch is considered an Eaton Works small-scale application and thus does not have a subdomain allocated for it. XePatch is a free and open source application.

    -Easy to navigate GUI.
    -A full compiled patch editor. It allows you to edit the existing patches, add new patches, and delete existing patches.
    -Supports v1 and v2 DashLaunch patches.
    -Supports FreeBoot patches, as well as all patch slots.
    -Validation features on all text fields to ensure that you do not input any invalid data or addresses.
    -A simple patch source editor. Complete with a compiler thanks to the Xenon PPC assembly compilers (made by ?).





    There are no future versions of XePatch planned outside of bug fixes. Full decompiling may be looked into in the future, but it doesn’t seem possible.

    The FULL version of .NET Framework v4.0. Download
    An up to date computer; visit Windows Update.

    Download 32bit (x86) Version
    Download 64bit (x64) Version
    Don’t know which version to download? Click here to find out.
    Source Code

    This source package is available to the public for educational uses only.
    If you want to use this source package or any part of it in a free/open source application, you are required to give Eaton Works due credit.
    If you want to use this source package in a commercial application, you are required to contact Eaton Works before integration with any code within begins.
    If you agree to these simple terms, here is the full source code. Note that many elements are missing, but you should not need to compile it.

    Download Source Code

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