Xbox One with FIFA 14 for £299.99

Rocky Mar 14, 2014

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    Online retailer GameSeek will sell you an Xbox One with FIFA 14 for as little as £300 minus one penny, as part of its new "Co-Buy" scheme. As with services like Groupon, the idea is that the more people sign up to buy, the lower the price will be for everybody. Additionally, the customer who refers the deal to the largest number of buyers will receive their Xbox One for free.

    The deal isn't live yet, and will apply for a limited time - up to 99 hours, according to the retailer's FAQ. There's a limited stock allocation, naturally, so if you're interested, sign up for notifications and get involved from the word go.

    It's not quite clear how many people need to enlist before the price falls to its lowest limit - the FAQ notes that the best price will be "achieved after 75% buyers have entered the Co-buy".

    "Once you are in a Co-buy, its in your best interest to bring in other buyers and drive the price down," it goes on. "If you bring in more buyers than anyone else, and as long as the Co-buys sells out, youll get your product for free. If we can't automatically detect a referral, we ask customers upon checkout who it was that referred them into the Co-buy. So make sure you remind your friends to identify you."

    The customer who refers the most people to Co-buy will receive a full refund (including shipping charges) within 28 days. Gameseek delivers internationally, by the way, and Xbox One games are region-free.

    Source - OXM

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