Xbox One Update Version 1405 Now Live.

XPG Darkside May 12, 2014

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    Xbox One
    Microsoft has rolled out a mini firmware update to users in the Xbox One preview programme, offering small tweaks to both party chat and the system update feature.

    Version 1405 now causes the "Get System Update" button to be greyed-out when no patch is available, while it'll read "Update Console" if your system software isn't up to date.

    Other issues addressed include one where Party Chat was muted if you failed to snap the app, alongside another where Game DVR clips occasionally recorded without audio.

    This marks the second firmware update in two weeks, and is indicative of Microsoft's reasserted commitment to upping the pace of its updates. Usually there's now one large one each month, with smaller sets of fixes available to test more regularly if you're picked out of those opted into the Xbox One preview programme.

    New features for the next big patch will likely be revealed shortly.

    One of the ones Microsoft fans have repeatedly asked for and the company has said its keen to introduce centers on the ability to pre-load and install games ahead of release, so you can play as soon as the street date hits.

    Source IGN.

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