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Xbox One To Release In Japan On Sept 10th.

XPG Darkside Apr 23, 2014

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    The Xbox One will finally go on sale in Japan on 4th September, around 10 months after its launch in the UK, North America and Australia. Microsoft has also unveiled a partial list of confirmed games in the latest issue of Famitsu, via Gematsu - it includes Halo for Xbox One and Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive, though it's not clear whether these will be available at launch.

    Arc System Works, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Cave, CyberConnect2, From Software, Konami, Level 5 and Sega are among the Japanese developers making games for the system, as reported by Eurogamer. There's no sign of Microsoft's unannounced Japanese-developed exclusive or exclusives - presumably, they're holding all that back till E3 in June.

    Last May, erstwhile Interactive Entertainment Business president Don Mattrick insisted that Microsoft was "committed" to Japan with Xbox One, despite a shortage of region-specific announcements.

    "We continue to build on our partnerships, we continue to build on our offerings for consumers inside of that space," he told journalists. "We think it's an important market," he added. "And we'll continue building on the working investment that we've done over all these years."

    New Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has admitted to feeling disappointment about the Xbox One's staggered worldwide release. "It never feels good to stand on stage and talk about 21 markets and ship in 13," he told OXM earlier in the year. "But it's a journey, and it's not won or lost the day after launch. It will be something that plays out, so making sure the quality of each market when we ship is the important part."

    Source Total Xbox.

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