Xbox One: Novembers Best Selling Console

Bullet Dec 12, 2014

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    The official figures are in and November was a great month for the Xbox One, which is officially the best selling console over the Back Friday period and the month of November.

    Over the Black Friday period Microsoft took to the front lines of the console war armed with some amazing price cuts and some awesome bundle deals, which proved irresistible to the hordes of bargain hunters looking for the best deals and amazing Christmas presents.

    November was also the first anniversary for the Xbox One console and during that year the console has undergone an amazing transformation thanks to both the Xbox Team, lead by Phil Spencer and the feedback from the loyal Xbox community.

    Spencer has certainly had his work cut out, picking up the pieces from the previous Xbox Team leader and transforming the image of the Xbox One from an 'All In One' media center to the super awesome, all round gaming console that we all now know and love today.

    If you are one of the newcomers to the Xbox One scene, you are in for a real treat, the Xbox One has some of the best exclusive games and a great AAA lineup for the rest of 2014 and the whole of 2015.
    Xbox is home to great games such as Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Forza ,Quantum Break, Crackdown, Fable Legends, too name just a few.

    With regular monthly updates the Xbox One will continue to evolve, growing from the fans feedback. Xbox's Corporate Vice President of Marketing, Mike Nichols says that "We are committed to making Xbox the best place to play, with this year's best games, the best community of gamers to play with."

    Congratulations Microsoft on an amazing first year, and a very well done to Phil Spencer and his team for doing a stand up job on the Xbox One. Sony may well be 4ThePlayers, buy Xbox is defiantly 4TheRealGamers.
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    The console which gets jailbroken first will get The real sales boost.. :)
    Juss kiddinnnn
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    <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="hellojax" data-time="1418489676">
    The console which gets jailbroken first will get The real sales boost.. :)
    Juss kiddinnnn

    That is so true, I have always said that. If Microsoft released an exploit on the Xbox One sales would go through the roof! Then they just patch it up!

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