Xbox One Homebrew Rumor False!

Bullet Apr 19, 2014

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    If you have read recent articles about homebrew coming to the Xbox One in the next few months then rejoice no longer comrades because that is not true. Although some information has been discovered certainly nothing that would allow homebrew on the Next Gen console has been found.

    The rumor began after a conversation on an EFnet revealed that there was "great news for Xbox One hacking." and that with regards to homebrew " We will see examples within the following months....right now is the discovery phase, development must be done"
    Granted at first this sounded like great news especially when reading comments like "Xbox One full homebrew will likely be a reality in a short time". However much you would like this to be true, right now we should consider it to be false. This was confirmed to be false later in the day when the source of this rumor actually stated that " its mostly false, i was overly optimistic because i thought someone had something they didnt, now that more information has been brought to light, its not what was originally thought."

    Until confirmed otherwise we should consider this to be false or a cover up ;)
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