Xbox One Hololens Gaming Confirmed By Major Nelson

Bullet Jan 29, 2015

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    Xbox is set to get holographic gaming which has been confirmed in a Tweet by Major Nelson which said "Want to come help build the future of holographic computing? The @HoloLens team has some open positions "

    There are numerous jobs available, all of which pertain to the Holgraphic tech which was revealed at the latest Microsoft keynote speech. Microsoft are looking for system engineers, software engineers and more which suggests the project is in very early stages.

    The chances are we will not see HoloLens technology on the Xbox 360 given the time it will take to develop the HoloLens.
    One of the adverts does mention the Xbox 360 though "Microsoft HoloLens Team is revolutionizing entertainment. Devices has a rich set of entertainment products like Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE with a highly active, engaged, and expanding customer base and we are working on new products !"

    Our products incorporate ground-breaking technologies from the Holographic Processing Unit (HPU), to computer vision, machine learning, human-computer interaction, image and video processing, audio, speech recognition, networking and graphics. We bring these technologies to all Windows devices including the Internet of Things (IoT), phones, tablets, phones, desktops, Xbox, Surface Hub, and Microsoft HoloLens – enabling users to place holograms right into our world, right into our lives, with more reality than ever before.

    Although this confirms we will defiantly see HoloLens tech on Xbox One, we should not expect it anytime soon.
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