Xbox One: Hacked For Homebrew?

Bullet Apr 20, 2014

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    You probably heard the buzz already about the Xbox One being hacked and ready for homebrew right?
    This all started when logs from an EFnet lobby #xbonehack were pasted publicly for everyone to see.
    The chatlog of the conversation between the well known hackers was put up on pastebin and word soon spread around the net that the Xbox One would be getting homebrew!

    “I just got GREAT news for xboxone hacking” stated Iriez.
    “Think of the most radical situation that could have possibly happened. The thing that would most hurt the security. The thing that others have tried to get for other consoles and never succeeded. That’s what happened”

    So what Iriez is of course referring to here is the discovery of the public keys needed to sign files for the Xbox One.

    “Public key is stored on cpu die . New hardware would need to be rolled out”
    “And even then, how are they going to prevent files signed with the old key from working if they change their public/private pair?”

    Basically if this is true and this exploit is real then the only way Microsoft could patch it is to release new hardware. Intrigued by the news i decided to join the chatroom and see what the latest was only to find that a total U-turn had been made of the previous claims.

    This time in the chatroom Iriez was actually claiming to have made a mistake and that he got the wrong end of the stick, which leaves us thinking was this real or fake?

    Even though claims are now being made that this was indeed a mistake and there is no such hack, we still can not believe that to be true. We all remember what happened to Geohot after he jailbroke Sony's PS3 and anyone that accepts responsibility of hacking the Xbox One will wanting to avoid similar strife to that of which George Hotz endured.

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