Xbox One Gets an Update For its Skype App

Rocky Mar 14, 2014

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    Xbox One's Skype app has been given an update today, adding the ability to now find contacts by availability, among other various additions, including enhanced chat with a far larger log of messages available beyond the past seven days.

    Now you can trawl through up to 1000 messages and receive push notifications whenever a new Skype message pops up. There's also a first-time tutorial available for the three people who've never used Skype before. The new update also does some bug squashing, dealing with launch issues users have been experiencing.

    And last and least, there's some 'limited edition' Captain America: Winter Soldier emoticons to fanny around with, if you're looking to convey emotions in a more action-packed manner. Right. You can get the Skype update for Xbox One now.

    Source - X360A

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