Xbox One: Cloud To Offer Performance Increases

Bullet Oct 11, 2013

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    Phil Harrison, Microsoft corporate vice president has revealed that thanks to the power of the cloud, Xbox Ones performance can be increased at intervals throughout the Xbox Ones Lifespan.
    Harrison didn't elaborate on what type of performance increases we could expect to see but he did say:

    "I am not going to make any specific promises about what technology solutions will or won't be available." but "The way in which you keep the market fresh is keep the technology fresh and keep the development ecosystem growing so that new and exciting experiences are coming out and with Xbox One using the power of the cloud we can add features, we can add functionality, we can have performance increases over time. I think that will keep the platform very fresh over a long period of time."

    Although Harrison didn't give any specific details on the type of enhancements , he did hint at things like

    It can check in with the internet, the cloud, and download content while you sleep. So that when you wake up, there's something new to play. So it's certainly a possibility."

    It would certainly increase the longevity of the console that's for sure. Xbox One launches in the UK on November 22.

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