Xbox 360 Wont Be Phased Out At Least Five Years

Bullet Apr 29, 2014

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    Its inevitable that the beloved Xbox 360 will face the day when its servers are terminated, and according to sources that fateful day will happen sometime in the year 2017.
    Many are hoping that the Xbox 360 servers will remain online longer and hoping that there's at least 5 years left in the Xbox 360, that's how long the original Xbox remained online after the release of the X360.


    Yusuf Mehdi, a senior vice president at Microsoft has stated that the company expects another massive 25 million Xbox 360 consoles to be sold over the course of the next five years. This obviously is what I would call a 'roughtimate' and not all of those consoles will be new buyers, around maybe half will be replacement consoles, but that still leaves a large proportion of new customers.

    Because of those new owners, and continuous owners, Microsoft will have to continue to support the system. There are more announced Xbox 360 games on the way, as well as promise of new announcements coming during E3 next month. So if anyone tells you that the Xbox 360 will be dead next year, you can tell them that they are wrong!

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