Xbox 360 Getting Preview Program Similar To Xbox One

Bullet Mar 3, 2015

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    One of the coolest features on the Xbox One is the preview program which allows owners of Microsoft's Next Gen consoles to preview updates before they release to the the masses.

    The Xbox 360 is going to get a similar program that will allow participants to trial updates before they release to the public. The X360 preview will start this month and will be open to 'select invitees' to begin with. Those lucky enough to be picked for the program will be notified via a message on Xbox Live. If you do receive an invite, you will need to enroll in the program by going to "Settings, then account then under account management if you’ve been selected, you’ll see Xbox 360 Preview Registration. Sign up there and enroll your console." says Major Nelson.

    The upcoming release will address some of the most common customer issues, such as troubleshooting network issues, as well as adding a Network Connectivity test and speed test for both up and download.

    There is said to be even more changes coming later this year according to Major Nelson, which just goes to show there's life in the old dog yet.
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