Windows Phone To Get Kinect

Bullet Jun 12, 2014

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    Microsoft has recently removed the Kinect as a mandatory addition to the Xbox One, reducing the price and increasing the processing power of the console, does this mean the end of the Kinect? Not at all, in fact Microsoft are now adding Kinect to the Windows phone.
    The company aims to make Smart Phones buttons a thing of the past.
    The flagship phone for this latest tech will be the Nokia McLaren which will be the successor to the Lumia 1020 and will allow the user to do things like simply answer the phone by putting the handset up to their ear and end a call by placing the phone in their pocket or bag etc, even placing a phone on a surface such as a table will enable speakerphone. The kinect will detect these functions by using lighting and positioning, this technology will be known as 3D touch.
    The details surrounding the McLaren handset are few and far between right now, but as soon as there is more news, be sure to check it out here.
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