Wii U: New Gamepad Leaked In Mario Kart Commercial

Bullet Dec 14, 2014

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    A new Japanese Mario Kart 8 commercial may have leaked a new Wii U gamepad. The character that plays the dad in the commercial is seen to be holding a newer sleeker looking gamepad with thinner bezels and a bigger touchscreen.

    The pad only features for a couple of seconds in the advert, and it is blurred out in the shots , however you can clearly see from the front the pad looks different to the current gamepads on the market.
    The gamepad appears at 0.08 in the video which you can see below

    Compare the above image taken from the video to the current Wii U gamepad and you will see the noticeable differences.


    The back of the gamepad in the commercial looks identical to the current gamepad, the image below was also taken from the commercial, which is why the Dad character appears upside down!



    Nintendo are yet to comment whether or not this is a new Wii U gamepad , and if it is if the whole system is to receive an update or just the pads.
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