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    Mar 22, 2010
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    So I have installed the new USB update on my unbanned xbox which has LT v1.1 which I assume is ok to do. Am I right? Obviously it's not 100% safe, but hey...

    Also a wierd thing happened. I have a banned xbox as well which sits next to the good one, which I use to play games which only have SSv1, or games that aren't out yet offically, and if I get any achievements, I just use a un-corrupter and stick it back in the un-banned Xbox (obviously after the game has come out). However today when I did the same thing (I didn't play any games, I just signed in (said NO to the USB update which it must have picked up from my HDD)) and my profile didn't get corrupted in any way. Just signed straight back in like it hadn't been in a banned console before... Anyone else have this happen since the new USB update?

    Thanks guys!
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    Ms have removed the corruption now from banned xboxs , thats why ythis has hapened !

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