What future do you think the Xbox 360 has?

TheUnknownGamer Aug 24, 2014

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    So, what do you guys think ;)?

    Do you think that 4-5 Years down the line that MS will stop supporting Xbox 360 Games?

    Do you think they will finally catch people who have a flashed console?

    Do you think the servers will shut down sooner than expected?

    What's your view :p
  2. t3

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    Its more of a question if devs will stop supporting X360 Games. i think it will be alot sooner then 4-5 years maybe even 1-2 due to both the ps3 and X360 both having ways to play THE SITE THAT CANNOT BE MENTIONED FOR LEGAL REASONS games, devs are losing money fast because piracy is alot more common now days compared to when the Xbox and PS2 were released. i think devs will just move on

    Doubtful, as the next Gen is more Mainstream now from when it was released i'd say they probably care less about it.

    With online gaming been bigger then ever i believe they will keep the servers up for many years to come, back on the original xbox when multiplayer wasn't as big they still kept the servers on until 14/4/10 nearly 5 years after the 360 launched. with it been more popular it makes sense to keep the servers on longer

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