Watch: this Death Stranding Easter egg hidden in Horizon Zero Dawn will blow your tiny human mind

IH8UALL Feb 27, 2017

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    The Guerrilla and Kojima love goes deep.


    Well, here’s a surprise: It turns out PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn has a number of items hidden in the game that reference Death Stranding, the new game from Hideo Kojima.

    Kojima is using Guerrilla Games Decima Engine for Death Stranding, a tool so powerful he refers to it as a “rocket“.

    And it seems the love is mutual, with Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games hiding references to Kojima’s upcoming game in the post-pre-historic-robot-dinosaur action adventure.

    There are three Death Stranding items in total, which you can see in the video above from Arekkz.

    You’ll see the Stranded Necklace, a replication of the necklace worn by Norman Reedus in the first trailer, as well as the Stranded Shackles, again from the first trailer.

    There’s also the Stranded Figure, which you’ll recognise as the baby from the second trailer that also starred hottest actor on the planet, Mads Mikkelsen.

    You can trade these in at the speciality vendor for some useful items

    Horizon Zero Dawn is out this week for PS4 and seems to benefit greatly from the added power of the PS4 Pro.

    Death Stranding doesn’t have a release date at all so we’re just going to have to pine for it until Kojima blesses us with more info, quite possibly at E3 2017.

    SOURCE: VG 24/7

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