Watch Dogs Will Include an 8-Player Free Roam Mode

Rocky Mar 7, 2014

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    Watch Dogs will have an open-world free roam mode for up to 8 players, Ubisoft has confirmed.

    The game's Creative Director Jonathan Morin confirmed the news with a simple one word tweet in response to a question asked by a fan regarding the 8-player free roam mode. Asked whether Watch Dogs will include an 8-player free roam mode, Morin replied "yes".


    Alex @UnrealThreats
    @Design_Cave Is it true there will be multiplayer open world freeroam (8 players)?

    Jonathan Morin @Design_Cave
    @UnrealThreats Yes

    There you have it then. You can hack the open-world of Chicago with friends and enemies alike when Watch Dogs launches on May 27th, 2014.


    Source - X360A & PST org

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