Watch Dogs: Will Feature Zombies?

Bullet Mar 29, 2014

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    Earlier today I posted a video showcasing Watch Dogs latest trailer ' Welcome To Chicago' which was confirmed by Creative Director Jonathan Morin to have been made from footage created on a PS4 Devkit.
    Putting the incredible graphics and game physics asides, I did notice something that made me think that perhaps Watch Dogs isn't going to be the straight laced game that we were initially led to believe ?

    So what exactly is going on in Chicago that Ubisoft have kept quite about....

    Watching the video reveals some interesting images from 3.27 onwards. The first image you will see that seems to be slightly out of place is one of a fire breathing dragon:




    Angel of death?

    Flaming skull police officer zombies?

    Cyborg Spider?

    As you can see there are some interesting images there that may reveal a whole new side to Watch Dogs that we never imaged before now.

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