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    -Sorry for my English-

    This mod works for extracted rip (and i have the game with the installation data extracted to the game folder not as dlc just in case you have a problem) and second you also need to remove the TU patch (this mod also have the TU as extracted).

    Copy this files to the main folder of the game and in the game go to the clothing store and there is 11 skins as NPC SWAT and Soldier models


    (i have also added the skin mods as extracted in the main folder of the game/mod just in case but i don't think you need it)

    {Tutorial to add the models/skins you like}


    1.Copy the files from the swat skin mod "patch.dat and patch.fat" to the tool folder (if you want a clean patch.dat and patch.fat file with no mods download the new TU from xboxunity and extract them with Horizon and you also need to get the game.xex and rename to default.xex).
    2.Drag "patch.fat" to "Gibbed.Disrupt.Unpack.exe" - to get "the unpack folder"
    3.Inside the "unpack folder" go to
    [\generated\databases\generic\ and copy items.lib to the main tool folder]
    4.Drag and drop the file "items.lib" to "Gibbed.Disrupt.ConvertBinaryObject.exe" to get 2 files
    "items_converted" folder & "items_converted.xml"
    5.Now rename these 2 files to just "items" folder and "items.xml"
    6.Go inside that items folder and find the "Clothing_SP.DefaultSkin.SP_Cloth_Store_Aiden_01.xml" (this is one skin for example), open it with "notepad++"
    7.You will see for example
    <field name="graphickitmodelModel" type="BinHex">C3C6B784</field>
    the C3C6B784 is the skin model value/name and you can change it with the npc/valueskin you like
    (there is no list with the npc values so the most easy way is to find some pc skin mods that you like, extract them and find and replace the values (the values are the same for PC and Xbox)
    8.After that is done save it and go to the main folder and drag and drop
    "items.xml" (should already be renamed from items_converted.xml) to "Gibbed.Disrupt.ConvertBinaryObject.exe"
    to get a file "items_converted.fcb"
    9.Rename this file to "items.lib"
    10.Put it in the the unpack "patch.dat and patch.fat" folder you first made and in the correct location
    ["unpack patch"\generated\databases\generic\]
    11. Now drag the entire "patch" folder to "Gibbed.Disrupt.Pack.exe" to get the patch.dat & patch.fat files
    12.Finally drag these files to your Watch_Dogs main folder and you are done.

    Basically you can make from graphic, weather to vechicles mod if you search the pc mods and convert them but the pc mods as they are they don't work for xbox.

    Here is and a second tutorial from 4dkim at guru3d

    Hi. I found yesterday how to works change a aiden's outfits a npc's model. and this is for unnamed npcs, not a named one.
    (i used disrupt=r49_b37)

    1. unpack the patch.dat file drag into Gibbed.Disrupt.Unpack.exe

    2. to the know the npc ID what your want, into the patch_unpack\generated\databases\generic\ folder and unpack the graphickit_models.lib file use Gibbed.Disrupt.ConvertXml.exe. now you got graphickit_models_converted folder and graphickit_models_converted.xml file.

    3. into the graphickit_models_converted folder and grap the xml file what you want. for example, i pickup the Dot ConneXion Bouncers appears in Act 04 Mission 04(A_Enticers.Doorman, A_Enticers.Bouncer02).

    now, im click the A_Enticers.Doorman.xml and A_Enticers.Bouncer02.xml file, and appear this.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <object hash="72DE4948">
    <field hash="61FC6B02" type="BinHex" />
    <field hash="9D8873F8" type="BinHex">415F456E7469636572732E446F6F726D616E 00</field>
    <field hash="B9295CC7" type="BinHex">F528EE93</field>
    <field hash="389F6DA7" type="BinHex">(30A504C1)</field>
    <field hash="8F034B91" type="BinHex" />
    <field hash="47F4A27B" type="BinHex" />
    <object hash="F1E26FCF">
    <field hash="8A13CD27" type="BinHex">01</field>
    <field hash="AA940C42" type="BinHex" />

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <object hash="72DE4948">
    <field hash="61FC6B02" type="BinHex" />
    <field hash="9D8873F8" type="BinHex">415F456E7469636572732E426F756E636572 303200</field>
    <field hash="B9295CC7" type="BinHex">A850F8EB</field>
    <field hash="389F6DA7" type="BinHex">(D4DE7CCE)</field>
    <field hash="8F034B91" type="BinHex" />
    <field hash="47F4A27B" type="BinHex" />
    <object hash="F1E26FCF">
    <field hash="8A13CD27" type="BinHex">01</field>
    <field hash="AA940C42" type="BinHex" />

    as you see, when i waste my time over and over....i found the id in () is a npc's ID. in this example, 30A504C1(Doorman), D4DE7CCE(Bouncer02) is ID.

    and.... just the following sequences as you know. find the items.lib file in patch_unpack folder and unpack Gibbed.Disrupt.ConvertBinaryObject, go to items_converted folder, select what you want change outfit to npc's model.(Clothing_SP.DefaultSkin?.SP_Cloth_Store_Aid en_**.xml, of course you can change the DLC bad Blood's T-Bone too. Find a file name some DLC.Clothing thing...) and replace the cloth id to your npc ID (<field name="graphickitmodelModel" type="BinHex">(ID)</field>), repacking items_converted.xml use Gibbed.Disrupt.ConvertBinaryObject.exe and change the file name of items_converted_converted.fcb to items.lib. last thing is just pack the patch_unpack folder.

    i hope this thread to help the who wants to play watch dogs as personally like npc. enjoy!

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