Watch Dogs Map & Skill Tree Leaked

Bullet May 20, 2014

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    Images of Watch Dogs' skill tree and map of the city have been leaked online ahead of Watch Dogs release date which is May 27th.

    Although i'm not entirely sure of the images origin I am aware that they were taken from a Portuguese live stream of the game, hence the poor quality. Despite not being very sharp images you can still see the skill tree and some of the different skills you can upgrade during the game.

    If any of our Portuguese members would like to translate anything from the image that may be useful , please post it below.

    Click images to enlarge:

    watchdogs leak 3.gif

    watchdogs leaked image 1.gif

    watchdogs leaked image 2.gif

    I'm sure more content will be leaked over the next few days, including the game itself in places other than Brazil!

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