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Watch Dogs Leaked By Brazilian Stores

Bullet May 19, 2014

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    Things are going badly wrong for Ubisoft where the highly anticipated Watch Dogs is concerned. First they are plagued with bad reviews which they put down to being hackers and issued a warning via Twitter'Not to believe any reviews before the 27th' and now stores in Brazil are actually selling the game before the May 27th release date.
    A reddit member named fyzor has already nabbed a PS3 copy of the game and posted some images of the boxart and disc online which you can see in the picture. The question is the store only selling PS3 versions of the game, probably not and how long before someone gets a hold of a copy and it gets ripped by a scene group and uploaded?
    This could be really bad for Ubisoft as not only will more videos of the game leak over a week before the official release date, but if it does get THE SITE THAT CANNOT BE MENTIONED FOR LEGAL REASONS that could affect sales of the game.

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    Seen a few streams of the leaked game around and it makes me want this more, looks to be one of the biggest games released in a long time lets just hope it has lastabilty
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