Watch Dogs In Game Hack List With Aiden Pearce Review

Bullet May 21, 2014

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    Ubisofts latest game features around a Hacktivist theme which sees the main character Aiden Pearce using his super smartphone that connects to the ctOS network. We have information on the in-game ctOS apps that will be available in Watch Dogs. Check out the list below which not only explains what each hack can do, but also has a rating from Aiden Pearce!



    Turn off all the lights in town at the touch of a finger. A fantastic tool for assuming control of public lightning easily and quickly.

    Aiden: A highly practical app, nothing more to say.

    Five stars

    Universal Door Unlocker:

    Problem with your keys ? With the Universal Door Unlocker, no lock will ever resist you again. A simple click and it's open. Your new mantra will be "Open Sesame."

    Aiden: No more worrying where you’ve left your apartment keys – a real joy.

    Five stars

    Free Park:

    Never able to find a parking spot and had enough of paying to park? Free park is your app. Open at leisure the barriers of any private parking lot, drive in, and park wherever you like.

    Aiden: They forgot to specify that it also functions on parking meters… really good when you don’t have time to drive around.

    Four stars

    Elevator Controller:

    Tired of waiting for the lift which never comes, or when it does, is always packed? With Elevator Controller it's you that chooses where the lift stops. This app is also compatible with escalators.

    Aiden: Now I never stop between floors. It’s great.

    Four stars

    Traffic Master:

    No more traffic jams. Pedal to the metal, you'll smoke the asphalt without having to worry about the colour of the lights. Prepare to control the city's traffic signals with the Traffic Master app.

    Aiden: Red used to make me nervous, but that was before. ;-]

    Four stars

    Universal Car Starter:

    Need to borrow a car, but no time to ask for permission? Universal car starter is made for you. In one click, open and start whichever model of car you like. [NB: Doesn't function on models pre '93].

    Aiden: Better than leasing

    Four stars

    Music Everywhere:

    Feel the sudden need to hear some music? What if you could use the city's public speakers to broadcast a bit of your favourite song. Simply click on Music Everywhere.

    Aiden: The perfect app to wake up the city.

    Five stars

    My CCTV:

    What if the city's public cameras became your eyes? Thanks to this simple app, access any online camera and take control. Now, nothing will escape you.

    Aiden: A never-seen-before app.

    Five stars

    Spy Around Me:

    Dream of knowing everything people say about you, or simply spying on your partner? Spy Around Me allows you to access the emails, telephone conversations and sms of any individual.

    Aiden: If curiosity is a naughty habit, then I must be very naughty.

    Five stars

    Train Stoppers:

    Your train just left. No problem, we've got the solution. Take control of the train and bring it back to the platform so you can simply step on board.

    Aiden: A joy to rediscover the subway in such conditions. Excellent app!

    Five stars

    Source: Gameranx

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