Watch dogs disc 1 wont install past 50%? XBOX360

xGameJunkie Jun 5, 2014

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    I dont know much when it comes to all this, But i been doing it for many many years (downloading games) so i know the way i do it is right cause i have only had a few problems in the last so many years. I Did the steps like i always do, I Ran it through abgx and then brunt the (dvd.file) with IMGburn, I Did this 4 times. First 2 times i did it at 8x speed and the game would show the pic on the dashboard but kept saying "unreadable" crap after i clicked it. So i did it again at x6 speed and this time the game loaded and told me i needed to install it and go's to about 48% then gives me unreadable and some contact is missing, So i thought maybe it was still to fast and not all the files was being copyed right so i did it at x4 speed, And i'm getting the same-thing, So idk what to do?. For disc 1 I'm using a Philips DVD + R D L Disc, I only had 1 "Verbatim" disc left and i wanted to save it for Disc 2 cause that's the main game and what would be used all the time, But would it have something to do with the disc? could that be the problem?. I Know "Verbatim" are the best to use and i been using them for years cause i have a BenQ Lt3.0 or whatever (Again im not good with that stuff, buddy did it like a year ago) but i have many games that are Philips and they play just could be something that i have no clue about, cause i have been reading forums that people are having the same problem and there being told to go into there folder and move stuff around? I never had to do any of that before with any game, Or am i gonna have to do that now? Any help would be great, thx.

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