Watch Dogs: Caught In The Loop, Easy Knock Down Tutorial

Bullet Jun 9, 2014

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    One of the early levels on Watch Dogs called 'Caught in the loop' requires you to 'Knock Down' a couple of bad guys which can be a pain, but here is an easy way to do the mission with only an assault rifle.
    If you have attempted this level a couple times you will have noticed a narrow back alley along the route, that is where we will take these suckers down!

    Note: Do not shot the 2 guys with green markers....

    Step 1: Steal a car

    Step 2: Head to the narrow alley long the route

    Step 3: Block the far end of the alley with your vehicle, but leave a gap to shoot the bad guys.

    Step 4: When the bad guys run down to the end of the alley pick them off one by one using the corner of the building as cover.

    Step 5: When the guys with green markers come out you need to beat them down with your baton with you can do by pressing B (xbox) Cirlce on Playstation.

    Step 6: Pick off the remainder of the thugs and this will complete the mission.


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