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Rocky Apr 29, 2014

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    An achievements list for Watch Dogs has emerged, providing new insight into the Ubisoft adventure ahead of its launch next month.


    The list is fake, according to a Ubisoft spokesperson. "The achievements listed above are fake so anything you have read in there should be disregarded," a community manager wrote on the Ubisoft forums.

    Original story:

    The spoiler heavy list, orginally posted by MP1st, is separated into 'general' and 'secret' achievements below, with the latter containing more narrative sensitive spoilers.

    The worldwide Watch Dogs release date is May 27 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. A Wii U release is expected to follow later in 2014.

    General achievements

    50G - Invincible: Complete The Final Chapter
    15G - Thief!: Steal A Total Of $25,000,000
    15G - Pawn Takes King: Pawn Off Items Worth More Than $10,000,000
    10G - Side Step: Complete 50 Side Missions
    15G - Side Swipe: Complete 105 Side Missions
    20G - Back Side: Complete All Side Missions
    10G - Petty Thug: Kill 100 Innocent Civilians
    20G - Crook: Kill 250 Innocent Civilians
    25G - Murder One: Kill 501 Innocent Civilians
    50G - Messiah: Complete Single Player Stealing Less Than $50,000
    25G - Human: Complete Single Player Stealing Less Than $150,000
    50G - Lucifer: Complete Single Player Stealing More Than $10,000,000
    30G - Around The World: Travel A Total Distance Of 40,075 Km
    30G - Dead Ded: Track Down And Murder 10 DeadSec Members
    10G - The Lesser Evil: Hack 500 Different Civilians
    25G - Just Evil: Hack 50 Different Electronic Devices
    25G - Disruption: Disrupt The Flow Of Traffic 50 times
    5G - Upgrader: Upgrade Your Phone
    5G - Beautiful: Find The Aspiring Hacker
    5G - Lovers: Create A Dating Profile Online
    10G - Smashing: Smash 1,000 Windows
    35G - I Have An Ego: See Yourself On 100 Different TV Sets
    5G - Walk Over Me: Walk From Abrahams Apartment To The Grill In Under 4 Minutes
    10G - Peter Beale: Get The Dirt On Peter Beale
    20G - Visitor: Visit 100 Different Players Worlds
    10G - Co-Operative Theft: Steal A Total Of $100,000,000 From Other Players
    10G - Gone Phishing: Collect 20 Different Species Of Fish - Not All Of Them Are In Your World
    25G - ID Theft: Steal Another Players Identity And Commit 10 Crimes In Their World
    10G - Got You: Successfully Stop Yourself Being Hacked 25 Times
    25G - Caught: Get Caught Hacking In 50 Other Worlds
    10G - Kill Kill Kill: Kill 100 Innocent Civilians In Another Players World
    40G - Generous: Donate $100,000,000 To Other Players In Their World
    30G - Help Me: Help Another Player In Trouble
    5G - Dynamic Duo: Jump To Your Death With Another Player

    Watch Dogs Secret Achievements

    25G - Starting Out: Complete Chapter I
    25G - Newbie: Complete Chapter III
    25G - Learning: Complete Chapter V
    25G - Keen And Eager: Complete Chapter VII
    25G - Anonymous: Complete Chapter VIII
    25G - Hacker: Complete Chapter X
    25G - Spy: Complete Chapter XII
    25G - Invisible: Complete Chapter XV
    25G - Master: Complete Chapter XVII
    50G - Filthy Rich: Have A Bank Balance Of Over $1,000,000,000
    5G - West Side: Travel Beyond The City Limits
    20G - Wreck It: Destroy 100 Cars
    15G - Train Me: Travel On The Train Roof For 5 Minutes Without Alerting Police
    5G - Perfect Angel: Don't Kill Harriet
    25G - Enter My Room: Enter 250 Different Buildings In Other Worlds
    15G - Metro Murder: Observe 10 Train Crashes In Other Worlds

    Source - CVG

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