Watch Dogs 2 Release Date Set On 2016

FatPat666 Aug 26, 2014

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    A release date for Ubisoft's hacker, open-world sequel, Watch[​IMG] Dogs 2 has been revealed.
    According to reports from International Business Times, Watch Dogs is rumored to be release in 2016, although there are no further information whether this will be for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One consoles.
    The website further reports that 9 locations will be added in the game[​IMG] and these are Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Dubai, San Francisco, Silicon City, Stockholm, Beijing, and London.
    It was reported before that New York and New Jersey have already been added to Watch Dogs 2, but the New Jersey location turns out the be an added update for the first Watch Dogs game.
    The Fuse Joplin has reported before that Ubisoft might be adding some changes in Watch Dogs. Gaming fans[​IMG] felt that first game lack several features like more weapons, activities to explore, and gameplay features. Ubisoft developers hinted that there will be more destructive weapons in Watch Dogs 2 that will rival GTA 5, better graphics than the first game, more places to explore aside from Chicago, new side-missions to test their skills, new activities such as going to gyms, shopping in malls, and more.
    There are also hints that Watch Dog 2 might have a new protagonist, which begs the question. Will Aiden Pearce return to the sequel?
    Gaming website, Game Debate conducted an interview with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot regarding Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs 2.
    “I can’t say because I don’t know actually. We’ll see.”
    “We knew it would be polarizing; some people loved the characters and some didn't. It was difficult to please everybody with that character. Now, having seen the reaction, we know what we will do next to improve that.”
    What do you think of the new updates for Watch Dogs 2?


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