Warning: PS3 Update 4.60 blocks ODE Use

Bullet Jun 24, 2014

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    The latest firmware update for Sony's older gen console the PS3 has began rolling out and is said to prevent the use of Optical Drive Emulators, including the usage of 'Swap-Disc' trick.

    Here is the official changelog for PS3 V4.60 Update:

    PS3 Firmware 4.60 Changelog:

    • Closed captions are now supported for playback of Blu-ray Disc titles and DVDs. To display closed captions, select [Settings] > [Video Settings] > [Closed Captions].
    • The style used for closed captions, such as the font, size and color, can now be adjusted. Select [Settings] > [Video Settings] > [Closed Captions Settings].
    Its reported that both 3k3y and Cobra devices have been blocked in the latest firmware update and a work around could be a little way off, but until there is a work around the advice is not to update your consoles!

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