Warface open beta now open for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers as a free download.

Bullet Mar 29, 2014

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    Crytek have released a public beta for Warface for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers as a free download. Crytek offered a limited beta for Warfare last month, but now it's open to everyone!

    You can head over ot the marketplace and download the 2.9GB beta from this link or grab it from the Xbox 360 dashboard.

    So let's take a look at the beta and see what you can expect. The beta features three multiplayer modes which will take place on several different maps, and it will also have two co-op settings with multiple mission types and difficulty sliders. Microsoft, which is publishing the game, says there will be a "constant flow of new content, settings, and modes" throughout the game's life.
    On top of that, Warface will add new missions on a daily basis made for beginners and experts alike, Microsoft said. You can help improve the final Warface experience by submitting feedback to [email protected]. New forums for the game are also going to soon come online at warface.xbox.com (not available yet).
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