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    Dark Souls 2 Bosses

    How to Beat the Last Giant Boss - Dark Souls 2

    Here it is. The very first boss in Dark Souls 2. But don't be too overconfident--just because the Last Giant is the first big baddie doesn't mean he's a slouch. If you aren't careful he'll pound you into the ground and send you back to your bonfire real quick.

    Watch out for his stomping attack, but don't be afraid to run between his legs to dodge his arm attacks. His second phase begins at half health, where he rips off his own arm and tries to kill you with large sweeping attacks


    How to Beat the Dragonrider Boss - Dark Souls 2

    Despite his name, Dragonrider isn't as intimidating as an armored knight actually riding a dragon might be, but he is sure to give you some trouble if you aren't using the proper battle tactics. Circle strafing is key here, and don't forget to keep that shield up.

    To make the battle easier, be sure to clear out the giant stone knights in the area leading up to his arena, then pull the bronze levers to add more floorspace to his den. Or, if you're a ranged player, you can even cheese him into thrusting his halberd so hard that he falls off the edge.


    How to beat The Rotten in Dark Souls 2

    This walking pile of corpses holds one of the four great souls, but it's not going to give it up easily. Armed with a massive cleaver and a stomach full of acid, The Rotten is one tough boss. You'll have to perfectly time your dodge rolls here.


    How to beat the Flexile Sentry in Dark Souls 2

    This two-torsoed, armored lizard may look intimidating, but if you know the proper battle strategy he will go down just like every other monster that crosses your path. Just stay on his awkward mace side, as its attacks are considerably easier to dodge than those of its sword side. Watch his attacks, and wear him down with quick flourishes


    How to beat the Ruin Sentinels in Dark Souls 2

    Three-on-one doesn't seem like a fair fight, but we'll show you how to turn the Ruin Sentinels boss fight into a cake walk. The trick is to fight them one at a time. Kill the first one on the platform you start on, then wait for the second one to hop up.

    Once he does, put as much damage on him as you can until the third joins the party, then hop down to the arena below. Divide and conquer!


    How to beat the Old Dragonslayer in Dark Souls 2

    Here's a familiar face. The iconic Dark Souls boss Ornstein apparently has a twin brother who simply goes by Old Dragonslayer, and he's here to make you hate your life in Dark Souls 2.

    But there's no need to fear, this familiar boss simply requires familiar tactics to defeat. That means circle strafe like crazy to dodge his attacks, and running away from him when he starts glowing purple to avoid his area of effect slam attacks.


    How to beat the Royal Rat Vanguard in Dark Souls 2

    We can imagine few things more terrifying than being trapped in a small room with dozens of dog-sized rats, which makes the Royal Rat Vanguard a royal pain in the ass. To activate the boss, you'll first have to cut through a bunch of the creatures to draw him out. Watch out, as the rat minions can make you bleed.

    Once the boss himself joins the fight, he goes down rather quickly; the trick is to not get overwhelmed by the continually spawning minions.


    How to beat the Skeleton Lords in Dark Souls 2

    It's fitting that you'd fight the Skeleton Lords in a room made of bones. When the encounter begins, three large skeletons (the lords, presumably) assault you at once. Together, they--as well as the skeleton minions they summon--share one giant health pool.

    Try to knock out one of the melee lords first, and make good use of the giant bone pillars to block the mage's attack.


    How to beat The Pursuer in Dark Souls 2

    You might've met this giant armoured man early on, in the Forest of Fallen Giants, when a humongous bird drops him on top of a roof. There's a good chance he killed you. The trick here is roll dodging his advances. Circle strafe is unreliable because he attacks very quickly, and with large sweeping strikes.

    Dodge, attack, block, repeat--but watch out for when his sword glows blue, as that attack curses you, reducing your max HP until you use a human effigy to restore it.


    How to beat the Belfry Gargoyles in Dark Souls 2

    Sometimes, the best defence is an OP offence. The Belfry Gargoyles is a tough fight, as you have to fight six or seven of the things to win the encounter. Unfortunately, you'll often have to fight two or three at once, which makes the encounter quite difficult.

    Quickly taking one out before a third can join the fight is key here. It's by no means an easy task


    How to beat the Executioner's Chariot in Dark Souls 2

    Hell hath no fury like a steed that has multiple heads and is, for whatever reason, on fire. The Executioner's Chariot is an exciting but challenging encounter. When you enter its circular arena, you first have to run toward the end of the gauntlet while ducking into the small alcoves once the Chariot comes rolling around.

    Take out the necromancers on the way so that the obnoxious skeletons stop spawning. Once you reach the end of the path, pull the lever to initiate the fight. Get ready to roll dodge--this demonic horse has several brutal attacks that deal huge damage.


    How to beat The Lost Sinner in Dark Souls 2

    Before you fight The Lost Sinner--who has one of the four great souls--you'll need to do some prep work to make the encounter a bit more manageable. See, she starts off in a very dark arena, but there's a way to illuminate it! First, you need to kill the , whose pathway eventually leads to a dead end, where you'll find a key.

    With that key in hand, you can unlock the doors on either side of The Lost Sinner's arena, and, using a torch, light the oil gutters on fire. Now you'll finally be able to see the boss. After that, it's just a matter of learning her attack patterns and dodging her strikes


    How to beat Prowling Magus and the Congregation in Dark Souls 2

    This boss encounter isn't terribly difficult--the trick is to avoid letting all the mobs overwhelm you. When you first enter the church-like arena, a bunch of zombies crawl and shamble toward you. You'll notice three slightly larger enemies; two of them shoot difficult-to-avoid lightning bolts, while the third, the Magus him(her?)self, fires slow-moving dark orbs.

    Do your best to avoid the projectile attacks while wiping out all the weaker adds, then go for the mages shooting lightning. Finally, take down the Magus


    How to beat Scorpioness Najka in Dark Souls 2

    Anyone who has played the original Dark Souls will find Scorpioness Najka looks a wee bit familiar--she's basically a scorpion version of Chaos Witch Quelaag. In practice, her attacks are fairly easy to dodge. If you keep your distance, she'll cast soul arrow-esque magic spells your way, some of which can track your location.

    Up close, she has short range with her front attacks, but watch out for her tail--whenever she slams it into the ground in an attempt to kill you, take that opportunity to dish out some damage


    How to beat The Duke's Dear Freja in Dark Souls 2

    Oh God, why did it have to be a giant spider? If you can stomach to the process of reaching this boss, you'll find its mechanics are pretty straightforward. Beating it, however, takes a bit of practice.

    When you first enter its lair, you'd do well to wipe out as many as the little spiders as you can, lest they catch you off guard. From there, merely dodge Freja's attacks and smack it in one of its two faces.


    How to beat the Covetous Demon in Dark Souls 2

    What the?! How did Jabba the Hutt get in Dark Souls 2? This boss shouldn't pose much of a threat, especially for ranged players. If you're melee, just run up, smack him a few times, and watch out for his body slams.

    His attack tells are pretty long, so you should plenty of time to get out of the way.


    How to beat the Dragonriders in Dark Souls 2

    Not to be confused with the Dragonrider boss fight from Heide's Tower of Flame, the Dragonriders (plural) are a tad more difficult. Here, you'll fight two of the soldiers at once. When you enter the arena, there will be one directly ahead, and another on a ledge higher up; he'll be shooting arrows at you.

    Kite the ground Dragonrider under the other's ledge, then beat him down quick. Both have surprisingly low health, but the one in black armour is substantially easier to kill. Once he hops down to join in the melee, focus him first.


    How to beat The Looking Glass Knight in Dark Souls 2

    If you played Dark Souls 2's multiplayer beta, you might have encountered this boss before--except, back then, he was called Mirror Knight. He's a slow, lumbering enemy, but has some decent range on his sword attacks.

    If you get too far away from him, watch out--he'll cast a volley of lightning balls your way, which you'll need to roll dodge to avoid. When he slams his shield down into the ground, get ready--he'll summon another actual player to help kill you if you're playing online, or an AI minion if not.


    How to beat Mytha the Baneful Queen in Dark Souls 2

    As with The Lost Sinner boss encounter, Mytha the Baneful Queen is much easier with a bit of prep work. If you've tried to fight her already, you may have noticed her room is full of poison, which a) heals her and b) makes staying alive quite difficult. But there's a way to get rid of that!

    First, head to the central bonfire closest to her arena. Remember the gate that an undead ran by and locked? You can find a way to reach that outer corridor and unlock it for a shortcut. That path also leads to a giant windmill.

    You can follow a small ledge to reach the windmill's shaft--and if you use a torch to catch it on fire, there's no more poison. Afterward, return to the boss, and you'll find her much easier to take care of


    How to beat the Smelter Demon in Dark Souls 2

    This optional boss in the Iron Keep is sure to give you a bit of a tough time. During two separate parts of the fight, he powers up and becomes even stronger. The first is when his chest erupts in flames, the second when he lights his sword on fire, imbuing its attacks with additional magic damage.

    This encounter is all about roll dodging his attacks and getting in a bit of damage when you can.


    How to beat the Old Iron King in Dark Souls 2

    Hmmm, is it just us, or does the Old Iron King look a lot like the Balrog from The Lord of the Rings? Luckily, this fight isn't quite as difficult as the path leading up to it.

    He's basically got three attacks: one where he slams his fists into the ground, one where he breathes fire, and another where he shoots a laser beam from the palm of his hand. Watch the video above for tips on how to avoid them, and be sure to steer clear of that obnoxious lava pit near the fog gate leading into his lair.


    How to beat the Demon of Song in Dark Souls 2


    How to beat the Giant Lord in Dark Souls 2


    How to beat the Guardian Dragon in Dark Souls 2


    How to beat Velstadt, the Royal Aegis in Dark Souls 2


    How to beat the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender in Dark Souls 2


    How to beat Nashandra (FINAL BOSS) in Dark Souls 2


    Source - gamesrader
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    For pretty much all of the human/giant sort of bosses, I found locking on and circling to the right works well. Basically dodge by walking closer to their right knee or roll right. From the Pursuer, to the Giant Lord, from the Mirror Knight to Vendrick, it seems to be a good method.
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