News Vampire Action RPG Code Vein Doesn't Have An Easier Difficulty Setting

Jonny Weston Sep 22, 2017

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    Since it was first unveiled earlier this year, Bandai Namco's Code Vein has drawn comparisons to another of the publisher's series, Dark Souls, due to its similar combat system. It appears that isn't the only thing it shares with the Souls games, as it will also be very challenging.

    During a roundtable interview at Tokyo Game Show, Bandai Namco revealed that Code Vein doesn't have any difficulty settings. The game is deliberately designed to be challenging, and players won't be able to switch to an easier setting to overcome a particularly difficult boss or sequence. However, the publisher revealed that you can freely change your character's Blood Code during the course of the game, allowing you adjust your character's stats to adapt to new challenges.


    That isn't the only means players have to help them along the way; as the publisher previously detailed, you will be able to choose a companion to accompany you. The character you select will follow you while exploring and assist you during battle, providing backup and healing when you need it. The publisher revealed two of your possible companions earlier this summer: Mia Karnstein, a wandering Revenant who wields a bayonet-like weapon; and Yakumo Shinonome, a "faithful man" who "conducts himself in a cool and professional manner during combat."

    Code Vein is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018. The game is being developed by the team responsible for the God Eater series. Earlier this summer, Bandai Namco released a gallery of new screenshots that showcased more of Code Vein's battle system and bleak environment.


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