UK Retailer ASDA has introduced a New Xbox One Price Cut

Rocky Apr 11, 2014

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    Xbox One price cut to £349 by UK retailer.

    The company's online arm is currently offering the Xbox One Titanfall bundle for £349, the same price as a standalone PS4.

    Microsoft UK officially introduced an Xbox One price cut on February 28. Having launched on November 22, 2013 priced at £430, the new Xbox One UK estimated retail price is £399.99.

    Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle told CVG at the time that the price cut was "not driven necessarily by our sales performance".

    Microsoft said in January that global Xbox One sales topped three million units between the console's launch and the end of 2013, while Sony recently claimed that worldwide PS4 sales totalled six million units as of March 2.

    In late March, Microsoft's US arm also introduced an Xbox One price cut across its full line of available hardware bundles.

    The Microsoft store and leading retailers knocked $50 off the regular prices of the Xbox One Titanfall and Forza Motorsport 5 hardware bundles, which can be now be purchased for $449.99.

    Earlier this week, Microsoft released the latest Xbox One system update to preview participants ahead of its general launch, which is expected later in April.


    Source - CVG

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